Eelwax Jesus began performing live in 2006, creating one-off Rock Shows at various venues in New York City





In 2009 we developed The Eelwax Jesus Show for the HERE Art Space in Soho folding kitsch video imagery and interactive stage characters into our increasingly popular songs.

We also Gave Away a Toaster at every show


























" Here Arts Center, The Eelwax Jesus Show cast handed out moon pies and even raffled off a toaster, the kind of game-show-like inducements that are now required of any successful recession-era entertainment...part Blue Man Group, part They Might Be Giants, but I'd also throw in William Burroughs, Sesame Street, and a very funny Bavarian weatherman."

- Michael Musto, The Village Voice


"Eye-popping!  Fabulous, bizarre, existential fun.'

- Herald-Mail Media

"Trippy. Memorable. Refreshing. Evokes 'Brave New World' as imagined by Salvidor Dali and Mark Knopfler with homages to Mad Men"

- The Washington Post

"...absolute genius, should not be missed."

- The Journal  (W.V)

"A Dadaist ceramic bowl to hold the hot soup of the band's music...everybody has just the swellest time"

- DC Theatre Scene



















 “I’ve spent my whole life side-stepping religion.  Who knew I’d be saved by Eelwax Jesus?    They’re like the bastard love-child of Bowie, The Breeders and William S Burroughs.”                        

   -    Jimmi Simpson, actor

“These guys help me bend my mind.  I love me some Eelwax.”  
Adam Rapp, playwright, musician